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Like it or not, Ron McDonald has figured into the evolution of The Klown on a couple different occasions (ask about’m next time we see each other, if yer so inclined). And no hard feelings, but the dood is a cuh-REEP of the highest order — and he’s never actually given a gnat’s ass worth of shit about the fact that he’s contributed handily to a worldwide obesity crisis.

So what could be more fun than detonating his head? Here’s what: Nothing. Take it from me, a Klown.

On Saturday, June 2, we’ve been given the opportunity to confront our deep emotional turmoil surrounding the relationship by funking it up proper and in no uncertain terms at one of San Francisco’s most badass venues, The Chapel, as the first episode of The FUN(k)HOUSE series. Along with you, dear reader, yers drooly will be tossing a barrel bomb’s worth of DJ’d swing/glitch hop and nu-funk down Ron’s neck — figuratively speaking, of Course — along with my band, GOOFERMAN, the kings of klown-fi — as will a few Surprise Special Guests. And it’s only $14 if you get tickets in advance (in San Franciscanese, that translates to just 1-2 beers).

Duck-n-cover! We’re going in!


The Klown & Gooferman

& Surprise Special Guests

$14 Presale / $18 Door


The Chapel