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Circus Metropolus & Howard Street Gallery presents

Strip Down

a funhouse dance fiasco with The Klown & Lil Bump

Wanna take a stab at keeping your dignity intact as you funnel yet another Friday night into the glorious abyss of eternal confused anthropomorphism? Then this — yes, THIS — may or may not be the place for You!

As the renowned obfuscationist Bobbateat Fuzz once said, “There’s no point in running if your end is right behind you.” That being THAT, peel back to monkey business NOW, fellow Earthlings – the wobble’s about to stiffen! Less is More, more or less! Let’s go!

Jiggle fodder provided by:

(Trapeze Worldwide / DirtyVolt Music, Circus Metropolus, The Vau de Vire Society)

(The Vau de Vire Society, Fou Fou Ha)

and special surprise guests AND surprise special guests

[Read this part as quickly as possible. Ready? GO:
Side effects may include tripping, bliss, poor judgment, moderate to massive head trauma, tripping, hyperextended gluteous maximus, medius and/or minimus, temporary (ideally) loss of sensation in your nethers, hypertension of the nethers, and tripping. You may also experience erratic and spirographic hallucinations amplified by glitch, swing hop, breaks, nu funk, house, techno, and outhouse. If you’ve recently experienced the sensation of an angry stick up your ass, you may incur a too-comfortable sense of relief. Contact your doctor if your perfection lasts less than 24 hours.]