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For The Funk Of It Presents the 4th Annual

For The Funk Of It Festival

Last year was my FTFOI maiden voyage — which, coincidentally, takes place on the banks of the semi-voyageable Feather River AND does indeed include many maidens — and glory-be-baby-jeezus-gawdDAM, it was fucking brainboggling! Incredibly cool people on both sides of the fence (festies & staff), ridiculously tasty lineup, bafflingly beautiful venue / location — nothing wanting. Zero. I may have been the only DJ there as well, which made me feel dirty in a slightly clean kind of way. My set got cut short because something they call a Live Band was ready to rumble, and the bands (there are three) take precedence. Off with my head, I say — I’m aaaaaall for it! I’ll take a good band over a DJ, including and particularly yers drooly, ANYtime.
But, as is the nature of my business, I can’t be trusted. These reviewers probaby can.
This year I’ll be doing a sunrise set accompanied by a pontooning platoon of hyper-talented musicians from the likes of Vokab Kompany and City of Trees Brass Band. You should be there, and you should do what needs to be done to be awake for that one.
And I’m going to free the river of trout.

Pre-sale = $120 • VIP = $600

Check out aforementioned ridiculous lineup