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Burning Man presents

Decompression 2018

The Return of Black Top City

Saturday, October 20, 2018 2p-2a
Set Time TBD – Stay tuned

All Ages welcome!
Tickets $25-30 advance, $35 at the gate
Kids under 12 free!

Bring the spirit and imagination of Black Rock City to the Bay and help create the 2018 incarnation of “Black Top City” — an urban version of Burning Man along the historic Bayshore waterfront at the historic Potrero Power Station! Our community will once again create a wonderful microcosm of BRC, with art, mutant vehicles, theme camps, inner- and deep-playa, performance, and discovery – in a black-top setting at a brand new location!


Alien Processor Core 0.1; Ascension; Beatboxer; Body Art; Boom Boom; BURN2 Virtual Playa; Burner VR; Burning Man 3D: Remembering the Man in the Hat; Burning Man, The Living Robot; Charged Up; Circle of Friends (Preview); Claude The Dragon; Cyber Fossils; Full Circle; Giant Runes; Gifts; Gilded Cage; Hearts; Howard The Robot; Human Interface; I, Musician; Illusions in the Dust – Jukotari; Kindler Panzer; Let U.S. Prey; Live Mural – J. Savonen & Locust; Love Yourself; Megalophone; Paraluna; Pinhole Project; Playa Teleportation Service; Porcs Riches Art Gallery; Project Flashlight; Ring Theory; Robot Fart; Robot Resurrection; Robot Warrior; Robotopod Inclusions; Rohit Records; Seven-Eyed Jaguar; Singularity; Watercolors from BM; Star Gazer; Succubus; The Booth of Booths; The Electric Bubble Dojo; The Knitting Circle; The Love Mirage; TRACE (Remains); Vizual Nektar; Where Is Your Cheese; Wrong Desert; Zomes; and more!

Black Rock Explorers, BMIR, BRC3PO, Camp Orange (You Glad We Didn’t Say Banana?!), CBGB Chill Space (Camp Beaverton & Gender Blender), Celestial Bodies, CENSUS, Comfort and Joy, Dustfish at Decom, Eden/ Velveteen Robots, Flowtopia, GlamCocks, Hardly Saloon, Hel’s Diner, Kidsville, Landed, Last Camp, Monkey Bar, No puppet, Pizza Love, Shipwreck Tiki Lounge, Sketchy Camp Art Toys & Games, Skytown, Snap Yourself Photo Booth, Swag Mart, The Black Rock Beacon, Unicorner, V.I.C.E. (Vietnamese Ice Coffee Experience) and more!

BAAAHS, Duckpond, Hair of the Dog Lounge (HOTD), Icarus, Space Kraken, The Bounce Car, The Heavy Petting Zoo Art Car, Venom Sound Ship, ZEROdb Silent Disco

HunDroid, Kinderpanzer, Kissy Fish and the Mellow Mountaineers, Out of Band III, Robot Warrior, The Gifting Zephyr and more!

Just like creating BRC, Black Top City is built with love by volunteers! Decompression happens through dedicated volunteer efforts, cooperation, gifting, and community in action. Sign up with our Volunteer Participation Form: http://bit.ly/2A1kjbH

See you in Black Top City!