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Burning Man Presents…

SF BURNAL EQUINOX 2020 Art Salon & Mixer:

Looking for a new perspective on the Cosmos? Perhaps you are well versed in multiversing or curious about the Burnerverse? You’ve come to the right places!

The 2020 Black Rock City art theme explores the quantum kaleidoscope of possibility, the infinite realities of the multiverse, and our own superpositioning as actors and observers in the cosmic cacophony of resonant strings. It’s an invitation to ponder the real, the surreal and the pataphysical, and a chance to encounter our alternate selves who may have followed, or are following, or will follow different decision-paths to divergent realities in the “same” place.

Our Burnal Equinox theme, Cosmic Kaleidoscope, follows in a rather multiocular vein. We invite you to envision, create and enter the colorful eye of a communal kaleidoscope of being, observation and reinvention in space, time, and participatory experience!

Art • Music • Performance • Theme Camps • The Multiverse • The YOUniverse!

Burning Man Project is excited to put the call out for YOU to Participate in the Burnal Equinox 2020 Salon. We look forward to encouraging arts collaboration in the Bay area, and celebrating the midpoint in our Burning Year with YOU!


Empyrean Temple – Temple Crew
Everywhen Courtyard – Mathew Gilbuena & Everywhen Crew
Neural Anenome – Kevin Byall
Black Rock Observatory – Aaron McCray-Goldsmith & BRO Crew
Live Painting – Dallas Goines / Matt Milano / Malisa Suchanya
Plastic Reborn – Shannon Sutherland
Playa Images – Amy Carr
Fractal Universe – Alvaro Contreras
Burning Comics – Mike Hampton


8 Ball, Alameda Ash, B Nasty, DAKAT, Decard, DJ Cue, DJ PartyPreet, femmelectric, House of Inanna, Italic Disco, Janine Cook, kev/null, Major Trouble, MEZA-me, MissConception, Prince Xzist, Serpent Sanctum, Snail Trail, Space Cowboys, Spacecamp, Syd Gris, The Klown, Thiq, Trever Pearson, Workr, Yodav, ZEROdB… AND MANY MORE!

* Interested in sharing your sound camp, theme camp and art, or finding creative collaborators? Email flambelounge@burningman.org.

* Help create the Cosmic wonder! Sign up to volunteer here: http://bit.ly/2vTNE6f

Homeless Care Pack Info

Make your participation extra meaningful! One of the Burning Man Principles is Gifting. Please consider helping those less fortunate by contributing several items from the list below. The best result will be achieved if people bring at least one item from Group A, or a bag of items from Group B. Backpacks and other supplies will be provided by Burning Man Project, and distributed to the homeless with love and care by members of our volunteer Community Events Team.

There is no special discount for participating in the backpack program for the homeless. However, if you’d like a discounted entry price you can purchase your tickets early or arrive between 6pm – 7pm for the special early program — which you really don’t want to miss, anyway! : )

THANK YOU SO MUCH for being part of the success of this effort to help the homeless. Our team will personally deliver the supplies in a manner that is thoughtful and ensures people can use the supplies.

Burnal Backpack Items Request List

Group A Items:

  • New Socks (packages of at least 3 pair) — men’s size 10-13 is most common, women’s size 9-11; put each pair in a Ziploc bag. Socks are usually thrown away once they get too dirty to wear as most homeless do not have access to laundry services.
  • New Underwear (packages of at least 3) — men’s boxers size M/L or Large; women’s basic brief size L(8-9), or XL(10); any color, cotton or cotton blend. Just like the socks, once they get too dirty to wear, they are usually thrown away.
  • Tarp (1) — 6 ft x 8 ft tarps any color works but green and brown colors are best.

Group B Items:


Toiletries: Your choice of five items from list below (Note: liquid items should be no larger than 8 oz each. When it gets too heavy, it’s a burden to move and can get tossed.)

  • Wet wipes
  • Disposable twin-blade razors and shave cream
  • Feminine personal hygiene items: tampons, panty-liners, pads, etc.
  • Antibiotic ointment or cream — any size tube
  • Toothbrush — soft bristles, as many homeless have severe dental concerns
  • Toothpaste — tarter control is especially good
  • Soap — Liquid soap is best (a pure castille soap is preferred for multiple uses)
  • Shampoo/Conditioner – combo items are great!
  • Hand Sanitizer — no floral scents, please
  • Lotion — skin calming or extra moisturizing is especially helpful

$17 early bird presale & from 6–7pm at the door
$22 advance sale
$27 7pm–1am
$35 after 1am
21+ with ID. No ins and outs.

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