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The goal of the Be Well Festival is to provide a 24/7 outlet to artists, workshop presenters, healers, vendors, and most anyone you see presenting a performance of their offering at a Summer art festival. On our main page, you will find an ongoing livestream of the Be Well Festival until the end of this pandemic. If you would like to provide your livestream to this event, fill out one of our applications. If you missed one of our shows or want to keep something you saw, visit our Download Page.

This is how donations to our event work. Presenters get a time slot assigned to them. During their time slot, all donations that come in get paid out as follows (80% to the presenting artists, 10% goes into the Artist Pool, and 10% goes to the event for operating expenses). The Artist Pool will be paid out equally each week based on the amount of performances for each presenter.

Following the livestream, if the entire program consists of original content, the artists can upload their show to our website and choose the price they would like to set for the download of that show. The payout for the funds that come in for the download are the same as above.

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